Dawn J'Heureuse

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Seoul Shopping List for this Weekend!

So I'm going up to Seoul with Sera in a few days. Here's a list of stuff I wanna get:

+ Some Hermes imitation scarves, to be worn like this:

Guide on how to tie scarves!!

+ Some legwarmers:

+ Some 'Wonder Under' to hem the ends of these legwarmers I made:

+ A pair of jeans. My AG's are going to rip a hole soon, as I wear them almost every day. It's hard to find jeans here in Korea that aren't baggy or look cheap as fawk.

+ Half a dozen spring/summer tops!! It's getting hot already.

+ Some flat dress shoes to wear with my skirts

+ Some nice flat / low heeled jeweled or at least pretty sandals

These Born sandals are some of the comfiest I tried on, but they didn't have my size:

+ Some short ankle socks

+ Some tan cheesecloth / linen summer pants

+ And maybe a blazer, bolero, light coloured jean jacket if I see a nice one. I'm quite partial to this one that Taesa from Seoul wore (middle girl here) .