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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Project Runway, Season II, Episodes 1&2

I loved Season 1 of Project Runway, and often fantasized about what I would have created for the challenges. Season 2 is airing now, and so I am going to pause the show after each challenge is announced, and blog about what I would do. Then I will watch the rest of the show and see what the contestants did.

Episode 1 is a double episode. Santino won the first contest, which was to make outfits out of 2 yards of material.

Challenge #2 was to create a new outfit using the clothes off their backs!

First, this is something would have liked to have worn at the party:

Here's what I came up with:

I would take the skirt and make it the top of the dress, upside down. I'd keep the strappy things to pay homage to the skirt. I'd do some zig-zag gathering near the stomach to add contrast to the puffy bust. I forget the terminology for the gathering, but my mom used to do this on frocks she made me as a kid. I'd take the leather boots and jacket and completely snip them up into all sorts of detailing, like the kind featured in my 'Neo Cyber Punk' post below. I know the judges aren't fully objective- they have a distinct preference for lots of applique, handmade ruffles, detailing, and anything that looks like it took a while to make. I'd take long strips of leather and string them together with knotted fabric, and hang them from the waist down, to echo the straps in the skirt top. I'd use the original blouse and green scarf in alternating green/white strips to make the short under-skirt that peeks out on the right hand side. The short skirt underneath keeps it edgy, without the judges complaining 'there's nothing on her!' The right side of the dress would be lighter in colour, as would the top of the dress. The middle would be predominantly dark leather that spreads diagonally across the body.

"I was excited, because I knew I had enough materials to work with. I wore a pair of corduroy pants, my favorite leather jacket.. I hold nothing sacred, and there's no material possession that I have that I wouldn't let go to gain more." -Santino


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