Dawn J'Heureuse

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the goddess of fashion. I've admired her since she was an unsmiling spice girl ten years ago. I took her pic to the hairdresser's to get her short hair cut in 1998. I like her because she almost always wears basic neutrals - blacks and whites mostly - but every piece is bold and unique. And even when she breaks out something more 'dangerous' like the giraffe wrap dress.. she pulls it off in the most refined way.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Seoul Shopping List for this Weekend!

So I'm going up to Seoul with Sera in a few days. Here's a list of stuff I wanna get:

+ Some Hermes imitation scarves, to be worn like this:

Guide on how to tie scarves!!

+ Some legwarmers:

+ Some 'Wonder Under' to hem the ends of these legwarmers I made:

+ A pair of jeans. My AG's are going to rip a hole soon, as I wear them almost every day. It's hard to find jeans here in Korea that aren't baggy or look cheap as fawk.

+ Half a dozen spring/summer tops!! It's getting hot already.

+ Some flat dress shoes to wear with my skirts

+ Some nice flat / low heeled jeweled or at least pretty sandals

These Born sandals are some of the comfiest I tried on, but they didn't have my size:

+ Some short ankle socks

+ Some tan cheesecloth / linen summer pants

+ And maybe a blazer, bolero, light coloured jean jacket if I see a nice one. I'm quite partial to this one that Taesa from Seoul wore (middle girl here) .

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Love for Coat

Oh my goodness!! This Prudence Black Dalia coat is delicious! It's totally my style.. classic with a hint of outlandish. Where are thumping-heart eye'd emotes when you need them.. hmm too bad its half a grand, US.

It can be ordered at letrainbleu .

Found a smorgasboard of Fashion blogs and good links.. I'll post them later, after I'm done perusing them.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Flatspeed Ideas Pt. II

Top left sketch: Black sweatshirt or vest. Mohawk on hood. Silkscreened wheel on bottom right, with logo in middle. (Wheel can be smaller, so it doesn't dominate as much). Inside of hood and vest/sweatshirt a bright colour to match wheel.

In the bottom left, I improved the wheel a bit. Could possibly be silkscreened gold or silver on black, like this:

Colours in top left are borrowed from a student of mine. I've really been digging the electric blue/ neon green of this kid's Lego vest and sweater.

Actually, the above combo is much more bright, but somehow my camera's flash dulled it. The neon green and blue look more like this:

Sweatshirt could also be produced with a simple logo, as in the red vest illustration, and without a mohawk, for less daring Flatspeeders. Mini apex seals could be anywhere on the garment, either silkscreened or as a metal zipper.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Flatspeed Racing Sweatshirt

Spent the past few days sketching out sweatshirt designs. My brother's looking to make some clothes for his Flatspeed Racing club so he gave me the logo to look at. I had some fun trying to incorporate it with some other ideas I've had lately. I like the idea of taking familiar, ubiquitous, boring clothing like sweatshirts and adding new, subtle twists. Here's the results, including preliminary sketches and design notes. Click on the images to see details up close.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stripy Dress Top Merger



Thursday, December 29, 2005

Project Runway, Episodes 2 & 3.

Episode 3 involved making an outfit for Barbie. I found it rather boring, as Barbie has always bored me. I did think Nick deserved to win though:

Episode 4 involved making lingerie and I was a bit upset with the winner, and with who they booted off. Since Episode 1, I haven't stopped believing in Santino. He's innovative and creative, yet his designs are all cohesive and thematic, reflecting an overarching vision. They criticized him for not communicating his ideas to his team. I don't think his ideas need to be communicated though. I was not there, but I can take one look at his designs and see what he's all about. Emmett had a horrible time doing that, and when I saw Santino collapse in anguish at Emmett's elf-like interpretation of Santino's vision, I felt empathetic.

I disagree with Nina, Heidi, the guest supermodel, and Michael Kors' replacement judge, none of whom found Santino's items wearable. Nina even went so far as to say they were 'aesthetically displeasing' and had been 'done before.' When Santino asked her to name names, she mumbled something about John Galliano.

A google search for 'Galliano lingerie' reveals this:

And these are Santino's German-inspired pieces, with his trademark ruffles and peasant feel:

What do they have in common with Galliano's lingerie, except for the fact that they both hold much visual interest? Bitch, please. And here is the winner, Daniel V's pieces:

Which one do you think looks like it's been 'done before?' (Avril Lavigne called; she wants her tie back).

PS. I really hope Bravo TV doesn't take down their Project Runway pics anytime soon because I've gotten too lazy to save them to my computer and upload them to my own photo hosting. If they do, this whole post, and probably all my future P.R. ones will be a series of white boxes with little red X's..