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Friday, November 25, 2005

Kokopuff New York

Found a new site called StyleDiary; spent last night and tonight perusing 22 year old New Yorkian 'Kokopuff's' outfits. I picked out 15 favorites, which you can see here. Keep clicking the left 'next' button 15 times to see them all. It takes up too much valuable fashion-perusing time to insert all the pics into image src tags in this blog. In addition to the outfit in the post below, here are a few cream of the crop picks:

Cool skirt:

Layering: basically a sheer white dress with a black slip under and a tank top overtop.

Subtle patterns on each article of clothing:

She made this necklace using Swarovski crystals and cheap brass chains:

She used excess material from hemming a skirt, and put a silk backing on it, added some tassels to make this skinny scarf:


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