Dawn J'Heureuse

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Flatspeed Ideas Pt. II

Top left sketch: Black sweatshirt or vest. Mohawk on hood. Silkscreened wheel on bottom right, with logo in middle. (Wheel can be smaller, so it doesn't dominate as much). Inside of hood and vest/sweatshirt a bright colour to match wheel.

In the bottom left, I improved the wheel a bit. Could possibly be silkscreened gold or silver on black, like this:

Colours in top left are borrowed from a student of mine. I've really been digging the electric blue/ neon green of this kid's Lego vest and sweater.

Actually, the above combo is much more bright, but somehow my camera's flash dulled it. The neon green and blue look more like this:

Sweatshirt could also be produced with a simple logo, as in the red vest illustration, and without a mohawk, for less daring Flatspeeders. Mini apex seals could be anywhere on the garment, either silkscreened or as a metal zipper.