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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Zara, Mango, and Stradivarius

Welcome to my new fashion blog, Dawn J'Heureuse, where I'll be posting hairstyles, clothes, makeup, products.. anything that catches my fancy! I'm no expert, but I love beautiful things. For the past year or so I've been saving pics of things I like. This blog is long overdue. With no further ado, here is some beautiful stuff!

To begin, here are some ensembles I saw in Zara at Metrotown, in Vancouver, a couple months ago. The jacket looks rather Mao Tse Dong. I especially love the layering and colours in the second one:

This is a shirt I bought from a Japan-esque store named YPZ here in Daegu. I like the long shirt / layered / coordinated baglady look this store offers. The 'I randomly threw all these clothes together' Japanese look is not that popular in Korea, but I do see it occasionally downtown.

Here is the store:

This is how one girl, Mary Magdalen on CV, suggests I wear the above shirt:

Victoria Beckham has always been an inspiration for short hair. I got her haircut in grade 10.. 7 years ago! And now I'm seeking out her photos for inspiration again..

I'm really digging some of the shoulder wraps out this fall. Here are some from Mango, a whose clothes I like, though I have not been there yet:

I really really like the colour and combination here:

This Mango jacket is the kind of look popular here in Daegu now. Conservative and looser fitting. Plaid is also popular in Daegu this season. Although it's usually reserved for shirts. And jackets are usually monotone.

Here's a jacket I found here in Daegu, by Crux. I love the deep vibrant blue.

There's a Mango-like store in Spain, and other parts of Europe, called Stradivarius. I absolutely adore some of their fall stuff. The collection has kind of an early 1900's feel to it, with broaches and fur and femininity. The colours are earthy. This stuff is so 'me.'

Check out Stradivarius' website here for the whole experience; I fell asleep listening to the ethereal music last night. LOL.


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