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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Andre Kim and Yahoo ad

Post number 3 in day #1 of my new blog.

These are some radtastic glasses I found in.. the highspeed train magazine, on the way from Seoul to Daegu! I love the cut of the top ones especially.. the arm cut in two was a brilliant idea. The red ones are rad too: I could see them looking great on an edgy guy with a bold face.

A little googling reveals that Andre Kim is a grand fashion designer-cum-architect. Not only is he grand, he is also a grand-father at 70 years old. He may not have designed those radtastic glasses though. He apparently 'lends his names' to various lines (the 'fashion license business?').

Speaking of fashion found on transit, here is a pic of a cute ensemble I found on a (Yahoo?) ad on the subway. Thanks to Brent for taking the pic and sending it to me. I was too scared the ladies in front of it would think I was taking a pic of their faces point-blank. LOL.


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